Looking for cooks! Non profit groups invited.

The Sunday Market has been a great success in the community.

We are looking for folks to operate the Classroom Café on Sundays from 10 until 1 p.m.

Recently, The Wharf Rat Team of Rosalie, Louise, Crystal, George and Lyle served 76 brunches to appreciative attendees from all over the County.

Usually the Café serves between 30 -50 each week.

If you personally, your church, club or non profit association is interested in donning the aprons and sharing your talents, we would be glad to host you. Team up with your spouse, neighbours or club members.

In the past we been treated to fine brunches by:
Molly's Rainbows ( The MacIvor Family)
The Robertson Road Gang
The Ladies of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church ( Joyce Muir and Kim MacIvor)
Merigomish Cemetery Society
Trudi Rhynold of Piedmont Valley Farms
Lesley McDuff and Team
Celtic Corner Café (Frances MacDonald)
Amelia MacIvor
Shree Curry
Merigomish Market Gardens (Linda Jackson and David Hillier)

Here is how it works:

MARSA makes sure that the School House is available to any and all activities in our community.

The Market and Café every Sunday from May until December is just one way to encourage local businesses and talented members of our community to share their talents with us.

The kitchen is NS Agriculture approved.
We are licensed to operate a food service as long as at least one person in the kitchen has the NS Food Handlers course (accredited within the last 5 years).

As the guest chef you are responsible to plan, purchase, prepare,serve and clean up .


Three workers in the kitchen is a good number to ensure that all goes to plan.

To cover our costs we charge you 10 % of your gross sales.

We provide:
dishes, glasses, cutlery, serviettes, tablecloths, coffee, tea, milk, cream, sugar, water.
Our kitchen is small but efficient: two stoves , microwave, two griddles, two toasters,
two fridge freezers, pots, pans and cooking utensils.
We have a commercial dishwasher.

The tables are set up before you arrive on Sunday morning, and if you wish you can add your own special touches to the décor.

We do recommend a meal cost of $10. per person to keep things affordable, but if you wish to charge less that is your prerogative.

If serving great brunch is appealing to you or your group, please call me to book a date from September 17 .o December 17, 2017.

Best regards,
Market and Café Coordinator